1. We are an internet and cable service provider company based in British Columbia and other parts of Canada. We are seeking to sell our product and services through door to door marketing. Can you help us?

Yes, we can help you. We have a team of sales professionals, who receive product training from your company and thus aid in door to door marketing.


2. We would like to promote our product in shopping malls and trade fairs. Can you help us with this?

Yes. As we gain knowledge about your product, we will train our sales team accordingly. This knowledge will give them a better understanding about the product and help us provide better marketing service at various public places.


3. We have recently started a pizza franchise and would like to introduce our pizzas in the neighbourhood. We are offering free samples and discount coupons. Can you help with that?

We can help you promote your business through door to door distribution of your free samples and coupons.


4. We manufacture cooking oil in Saskatchewan, Canada. We sell our products in domestic market and want to export outside of Canada. We are seeking importers to buy our products at wholesale prices and sell internationally. In what way will you help us achieve this?

We have a database of foreign investors, who are either direct buyers or importers who are interested in international markets overseas.


5. We are a chain of restaurants, having more than ten outlets in Canada. We want to expand overseas and sell international franchise agreements. It can be for one or more countries. How can you help us explore this opportunity?

We have networks in different countries worldwide, who are willing to expand and invest in different ventures. We will find suitable contacts, as per your needs and introduce them to you.


6. We're manufacturers of specialised products and believe Canada is not a suitable market for us. We want to introduce ourselves in Asia and South Africa. Can you help?

Yes, we can. But we need more information about your product. We can talk to our investors in your areas of interest and help you get associated with our retailers in those particular areas.


7.  How long does it take for you to be able to launch our product in the selective market?

We can start right away. Although it all depends on the market conditions, your potential buyers, and the market you are interested in.


8. Do you also help in finding suitable manufacturers from other countries to do marketing in Canada?

Yes, we have potential sellers, manufacturers, wholesalers, merchants, traders, etc. that can help you promote marketing in Canada. 


9. We believe in our products and do not want to hire a marketing staff for our company. We are looking for someone to sell our products on comission basis only. Is this a service your company can provide?

We can come to a proper conclusion only after we know the product. Kindly contact us for an appointment for further discussion.


10. My company had a bad experience with overseas marketing. We are seeking someone who can buy our merchandise and/or products directly from us and sell it off to whosoever they want. Can you arrange or find a buyer for us?

We have buyers in domestic and international market who are willing to buy on reasonable prices.