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Human Resources We plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of your business' Human Resources. We represent management and participate on various joint committees to maintain an ongoing relationship between employer and employees by overseeing the classification and ratings of the employees, direct the organization's quality management program and ensure compliance with ESB (Employee Safety Board) legislation.

Services We Provide Human Resource Management for Employers We provide resources such as employer-employee agreements and contracts required from hiring to terminating relationships.

We assist you with:
  • Employment Contract: This contract sets out the terms on which you hire individuals or companies.
  • Employment Offer Letter: This document is made by an employer for an employee regarding a job opportunity) This letter includes employment details such as start date, wages, job description, job duties and responsibilities, and other employment terms and preconditions.
  • Employment Warning Letter: This letter is used to provide consistent and reasonable employee disciplinary procedures.
  • Employment Termination Letter: An employment termination letter formally advises an employee that their employment has been terminated.
  • Compensation Agreement: This is a legal contract between an employer and employee where the employer agrees to compensate the employee for the service rendered. In effect, the compensation agreement amends the terms of the original employment agreement with respect to compensation.
  • Confidentiality Agreement and/or Non-disclosure Agreements: These agreements protect business' confidential information or inventions revealed during discussions, proposals or negotiations with another party. It also protects against disclosure to third parties of information not already in the public domain. Our confidentiality agreement is ideal for proposed business transactions between two parties, protection of inventions, protection of employers' personal information from employees and contractors, and any other purpose that the business describes.


Health & Safety for Employees

Health & Safety for the Employees All employers in BC are required by law to provide health and safety in the working environment for their employees. WorkSafeBC, the organization responsible for workplace health and safety in BC who provides safety education for employers and employees, and insures employees by providing benefits to the affected workers.

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