What is marketing?


Marketing is not a stand-alone activity. Rather, it is a teamwork, integrated with all other functions of your business and covers a broad spectrum of activities.


It is about determining the value of your product or service and communicating that information to customers.


There are several things you might consider before making your product available for marketing:


When developing a general profile of your customer or client, you define them by their demographic characteristics such as age, sex, marital status, the location of the household, family size & description, disposable income (money available to spend), education, occupation, cultural and ethnic background.



How does marketing interact with the rest of your business?


Once you define your target customers, you learn about their needs and preferences. With this knowledge about them, you will have an upper hand in marketing. You come up with concrete, definitive strengths and advantages they will find when they work with you. It is essential to market your products or services in the right manner and make you more aware of how the people you hope to sell to will shape your current or potential products and services. What are your marketing strategies? Our team comes up with ways to help you improve all the above.



You need to declare certain marketing goals.

What do you hope to achieve by building a marketing plan? Is your end goal to broaden your customer base, to let existing customers know about new services/promotions, to expand into a new region/demographic, or something else entirely?

Your goals will guide the creation of your plan.


We will help get you closer to these goals by building the brand and providing the social proof needed to establish these core elements.